Our services are customised to reflect your requirements. Below are a few examples of how we can exceed your expectation. Tell us what you want and how you would like us to work with you - flexibility is core to our business.

Retail Customers

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No Minimum Orders


We are able to offer you the ability to order whatever you require as and when you require. No minimum orders, no contracted turnover, etc. We know that you are the best judge of what will sell in your store. We also understand that some items will sell faster than others, and in order to maximise your profit, you can re-order these items as you sell them. Therefore ensuring maximum return on your investment and allowing for the best opportunity to sell best lines over and over again.


Excellent Sales Support


We want to confirm to you that our sales process is based on the satisfaction of our customers. We don't encourage overselling, and allow you confirm the sale after the visit if you prefer. We allow you the opportunity to consider your purchases carefully and order when you are comfortable with your selection. We guarantee you a margin. We offer retailers a higher margin than our web only customers; so that you will never have to compete on incredibly low margins with firms that operate with very low overheads.


Marketing Support


We have marketing support that will enable you to have the best in display material and POS. We can offer you sample adverts for when you want to run local adverts. We can offer you images for your web site and your other marketing activities. We have the right mix of products, marketing, and images available so that you can design and run local promotion campaigns successful. Let us know what you have in mind and we will help in everyway we can.




Once you have chosen to work with us, we endeavour to hold stock for 80%+ of the line we carry; we have turnaround times for repairs of 14 days for standard repairs and 3 weeks for service items. We know that winning customers is hard work both for us and you, so once we get them we make sure that we keep them.

Key / Large Accounts

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Personalised Codes / Model Numbers


We are able to supply products with your model reference and/or codes so that confusion is minimised at your local branches. We able to supply either the individual products with codes tagged or we can box the items and supply the codes on outside of the box. We are also able to either ship direct to each branch or supply centrally depending on your preferred mode of operation.


Customised POS


We offer great quality and designed point of sale for displaying the products. Additionally we are able to offer customised point of sale to fit a style or size that you require. Every phase of our customer service strategy is to be creative in our processes - from concept to implementation to after-sales. Our relationship is structured to meet the unique needs of your organisation.


Scheduled Deliveries


We are able to work to your delivery requirements, whether these are quarterly orders from one single point or weekly orders from each remote office. We can work with you in designing a process or system that works for both of us. We understand the important of regular contact and the development of our relationships, with both the key decision makers and those at the coal-face, working on the ground with the public. We always aim to treat all our points of contact with the level of service that they would expect.


Customised Cost Control


By agreement with the key decision makers, we are able offer each local office the ability to purchase items quickly and efficiently for customer demands within a predefined range or budget. We are able to build a notification system that can alert to when local branches either place an order, or place an order off a specific value.


Customised Invoice Process


We are able to invoice to in line with systems that you have in place. We can either invoice the branches so they are authorised locally and then sent to HQ. Alternatively, we can send the invoices to HQ and detail which branch the invoice relates. We can be as flexible as required.


Staff Incentives / Promotions


We understand that in order to get staff to understands products and get excited about the opportunities to sell better quality products they may need incentives and/or motivation. We can work with you in creating opportunities to create a buzz around a product or model and would be happy to create, implement, and monitor staff incentives and promotions.


Staff Training


After presenting the products professionally, staff training and understanding is key to any sales environment. We can assist in providing staff training, either centrally or locally to ensure that products are sold correctly and information provided is accurate.


Consumer Promotions


Beyond staff training, consumers can be excited in discovering more about the products by consumer driven promotion. We believe that localised consumer promotions create an atmosphere that can leads to more sales. Localised events and promotions also create opportunities to utilise local PR to maximise the effect of the promotions.


We consistently offer you excellent support before, during and after the sale. Our service levels have an excellent reputation in the marketplace.
Our service offering are focused on:

  • Offer quality products at competitive prices
  • Products with low return rates
  • Branded products that are recognised by consumers
  • Credit terms
  • Good Customer Service / Repair cycle times
  • No Minimum Order value
  • Help with Marketing
  • POS available - windows and counter displays
  • Prompt Delivery usually within 2 days
  • Samples and on approval stock available to show customers, if required
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